Tuesday, December 01, 2015


 It seems I have a difficult time getting things done.  Not just me but I can't seem to find people that want to do anything either.  After my late Father passed away, I noticed this swing arm lamp had a short in the socket.  Apparently, he would pull on the knob while reaching for it.  In any case, when trying to repair it I twisted the wires off when removing the socket.  I take it to a lamp store where they are known to do repairs and the guy tells me that it would be "tricky" to run a wire through the swing arm.  I'm not a patient man so I said okay thanks and left.  It's not an expensive lamp but I just wanted to attempt to save it.  At first, I used a wire that was too heavy gauge and wouldn't bend where the arm hinged.  Then I tried a lighter weight wire and it would break at the turns when pulling the electrical wire.  Eventually, I used the lighter gauge wire and pulled nylon thread through the arm.  Then used the thread to pull the electrical wire.
It was a good job to do over the wet and chilly weekend.  A lot of trouble for a 20 year old $75 lamp from Marshall Field's.  But I felt good all over afterwards. lol

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