Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Sad State Of Daytime TV

 I've had a three day weekend. (A rainy one at that) I spent much of Friday watching TV, channel hopping, thinking that I have been missing something. Not so.  All those yakking talk shows with people talking over one another, and all decked out in Halloween costumes like children, soon got old Friday.  I miss the days of daytime dramas.  I started watching them during summer breaks from school and got addicted to them.  Yes, Dark Shadows was a favorite of mine.  Watching with my grandmother, I learned to develop love hate relationships of characters.  All My Children was my first real daytime addiction that would last decades. The cast pictured above in 1975.  I had already been watching it during the summer and on my lunch hour in high school.
 I remember the lovers Phillip and Tara.
 The character, Phil Martin, would go off to Vietnam.  I was thinking that I might be drafted too but...that threat ended when I was a sophomore.
 I loved Phoebe Tyler.
 Soon Tara and Phil took the back burner of story lines.
 Is was all about Erica.  Sure, by the time Tom Cuddahy showed up in Pine Valley, Erica had already been through Nick Davis, Dr. Jeff Martin, Dr. Chuck Tyler but I was crushing myself on actor Mark Shoberg.

 Erica, aka Susan Lucci, and all her husbands. I can't name them all now.
 There would be intorductions of new characters and familes.  I particularly like it when Pamer Cortland showed up.  And his late wife's ghost? played by Gillian Spencer.
 Then there was Langley Wallingford at first a threat to Pheobe and then eventually a husband.
 I loved Mira as the housekeeper.  Those were some great story lines.
The All My Children cast pictured here for the shows finale in 2012? I had not seen much of it in a few years.  You can see that the cast had certainly not been reduced.  It doesn't take a genius to see what an expense it was to produce these daytime dramas.  We didn't realize how lucky we were during all the fun.  But daytime TV today sucks in my book.  I counted as many as 21 commercials during one break. ( I should be pleased working in advertising) I would rather there be reruns all day long as opposed to all of the endless talk shows.

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Mark Ehlers said...

What a nice tribute to AMC. I, too, watched this soap thanks to my sister and her then boyfriend. In college we all watched it in the Student Union and the second it was over everyone made a mad dash to class. Thankfully I was always able to slip into class (presumably) unnoticed. This was during the whole Silver Kane storyline.

When I started watching was the episode where Mary Martin was home alone, and the escaped Pineview Prison convicts broke in. I believe the character was killed off shortly thereafter.

Great memories!