Monday, November 23, 2015


I miss the old lead/tin icicles which were outlawed in 1972.  I never put up a tree of my own till I was about 30.  When I put icicles on the tree I noticed that they didn't hang heavy.  And when I turned on the ceiling fan(I'm in Texas now and it can be warm in December) they were a tangled mess.  Of course, you are probably thinking what I've been told recently:who in the hell puts icicles on their tree?

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Juan said...

Ah, you've brought up a memory. I would hang the icicles on each branch of the tree one by one until it looked like that tree in the picture. It's the only time that I can recall my dad paying me a compliment. On one particular Christmas he told me it was the most beautiful tree that he had ever seen.