Friday, October 23, 2015


You must have images from your youth of destinations, people, movies, and TV shows that come back to you from time to time for unknown reasons.  I'm not sure what spurs such recollections but I have thought of a movie that I saw on TV when I was, I suppose, in the 9th or 10th grade.  I remember watching it with my Dad in our dark paneled den.  It starred Colleen Dewhurst and Martin Sheen.  I remember it being in black and white like the Avengers that my Dad loved and other shows of the time.  Well, after a little research, very little, I found that the movie was some late night TV movie entitled Prowler of the Heart.  I'm thinking Martin Sheen must have had his shirt off as he was playing a young lover to Dewhurst.  I have always been attracted to Colleen Dewhurst and her strong smile.

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