Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday Night

 Since PBS is on their umpteenth pledge drive and they have been my source of entertainment on Sunday evenings for most of the year, I decided to go to the movies.  I went to see End Of The Tour and enjoyed it for the most part.  Lots of dialogue to comprehend but not everyone talking at once like on the typical talk show these days. 
 I was worried at first because there were only a handful of people there besides myself.
I've had a bit of renewed interest in seeing movies lately.  Recently, I've checked out Ricki & The Flash, which kind of sucked, but Kevin Kline was pleasant enough, and I saw the latest of the Tom Cruise MI installments which was enjoyable.  Although, I tend to stay away from action adventures sometimes I need a rush.  There's other that I want to see now that school will be starting, I believe next week, I will sneak in a matinee when I can.

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