Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Impulsive Habit

 Going to the movies becomes a habit that I can break on a dime it seems.  Yet, on impulse, I went to see the new Guy Ritchie Man From Uncle, yesterday after work.  I did not enjoy it but I did not get up and leave either.  I was not convinced it was the 1960's but I give it a B+ for trying.
 I felt old when late in the film I realized one of the characters was Hugh Grant who, like myself, is getting a bit long in the tooth.
 The best part was Elizabeth Debicki playing a villain and looking so fine.  Actually, she reminded me of my sister-in-law that was married to my late brother in the late 60's.  Very fashionable!

I would have liked Armie Hammer to have had some golden highlights in his hair to remind me more of my boyhood crush.  Henry Cavill is just as boring as I found Robert Vaughn as Solo.  Even more so I believe.  I'm glad I never made the effort to see Cavill in Superman.  Handsome but about as much personality as...well myself.

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Anonymous said...

David McCallum was my first boyhood crush.