Monday, June 29, 2015

Pants Off To Those Of You In A Relationship

I can't imagine the excitement that you are feeling if you are finally going to get to legalize your relationship thanks to the Supreme Court ruling last week. And just in time for the big weekend.  The mayor of Houston wasted no time to marry her longtime partner in Texas although married earlier out of state.  My marriage didn't workout with my wife but hey I was a 19 year old with MAJOR issues.  Perhaps now there is hope for a relationship, legal and ever so tender?  Plus, I'm considerably older and wiser and not full of lust(not quite) or jealousy as I was back in my 20's.
Congratulations again to all of you. I drop my pants and raise my glass to you!


Theaterdog said...

Very nice message..
Great guy, seems you think of others first... great taste in kitchens, bath, and men...
There is some lucky guy out there for you...

Hope you stick around with the blog, it is quite a pleasure for me.
In Pride..


Mark in DE said...

Since you know who you are now, your chance of a successful relationship is much higher than if you were in your 20s again. Good luck to you in finding Mr Right!