Monday, March 02, 2015


Dear faithful readers,

I have been quite busy lately and neglecting this blog.  Work has been quite busy for this time of year which I guess is a sign of the economy's improving.  Plus, I've been working on my taxes the last couple of weeks along with plenty of projects around the homestead.  Enough excuses.

In addition, I received notice from Blogger that I have to clean up the blog by mid March or archive the blog????  They said I should stop posting illicit photos immediately.There's no way I can delete every sexual explicit photo that I have posted since 2008?  I have had over 8600 posts on this blog so you can imagine.  At any rate, they say they will no longer allow photos of nudity unless they are of artistic merit.  I want the job making that decision!  To be honest, I just haven't had the time to check it all out.  Now, I have lost interest in the blog as well.  Throw up road blocks and I will detour.

I appreciate what readers I have had.  I have enjoyed communicating with some of you.  I'm not good at networking.  I learned early in the blog world that it is much like the medical field.  You know when you've had to go to the hospital and you get all the bills from doctors you don't know.  It's quite a buddy system and so is Blogger.

We'll see what happens.



Howard in CT said...

Several other blogs I visit regularly have mentioned receiving that same message from Blogger. Did Blogger just suddenly get religion or what. Has The Church taken over Blogger?

It seems the remedy for this is to switch everything over to Tumblr.

Would you consider that, Rick? I would hate to see you go off line completely.

Every now and then, I go back thru the older postings, and there is a lot of change between "original poster Rick", and the man blogging today. I guess we all change over the years. It's just much easier to see when the changes are chronicled on line.
I wish you would talk back to us more, Rick - as you used to. When comments "never" prompt a response, you begin to wonder if anyone is home, you know?
I really really really don't want you to go, Rick. I would miss you. You aren't just an anonymous Blogger to me, you are kind of a little on line family. Ok, pardon the momentary schmaltz.
Maybe you just need a sabbatical? As you say, I guess we'll see what happens.

"Tommy" said...

Rick, tis terrible that Bloodspot is making such a decision. I would hate to see you go, but if you do, please include me in the new site. tommy

Howard in CT said...

Rick - I just discovered what might be a bit of good news for you.
Go to a blog called, and read the first paragraph of the entry dated Sunday March 1st, 2015.
It appears that Blogger has rescinded their policy change banning nudity, but they only posted that reversal on some obscure techie blogs that nobody reads. If that is true, your blog and all its xrated photos may not be deleted.
Read it and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick
I've read on other blogs that the ban has been reversed & so you can post as before. I'd hate to see you go, love the blog - especially the interiors you find.

Mark Ehlers said...

I know that I quit my blog albeit more accidentally than intentionally but I do stop by here when I can. I try to comment so you know that your efforts ARE appreciated. I received the same message although I no longer can access the authoring porting of Behr Blather. But as mentioned, the "ban" has been reversed. Here's hoping that you're reading the comments and realizing that we love you, Rick!

Mark in DE said...

Fortunately, Blogger has completely reversed their decision, so nothing is changing and you are free to post all those gorgeous men for which you've nearly become famous!! ;-)