Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's A First

While I've been under the weather my brother had my lawn taken care of for me.  I've always enjoyed doing it (I'm the only one in close proximity that does his own lawn)but it's nice having it done since they use baggers and I have always mulched.  It appears to look a bit cleaner, at least at this point.  So till I get my energy and wind back this might be the way to go?


Mark Ehlers said...

I grew up doing yard work. Not my favorite thing. I increasingly became frustrated trying to do everything: yard, house, work, etc. So I gave up the lawn mower and got me someone who mows and blows. It's my second guy (I was handed off from the first guy) and he does a decent job. A bit over priced but it saves me from having to do it. And I like that just fine.

Howard in CT said...

Kudos to your brother. Whatta guy.
Next time you see the guys who mow next door, ask them if they want another customer. Unless of course you can find this guy in the pic here.