Monday, March 30, 2015

I Need A Real Doctor

I decided to call the cardiologist that is in my network to see why I am waiting 3 weeks for an appointment.  The nurse tells me because he goes on vacation tomorrow. What?  I said I haven't seen him since I got out of the hospital and I'm still quite short of breath.  She tells me that I can come in if I get there within an hour or so.  Mind you this is in the medical center in downtown Houston.  So I thought I'll call your bluff and rushed to his office. What a waste of time.
The doctor walks in and asks me what brings me in today?  All I can do is shake my head.  I've just been answering the nurses questions for the last 30 minutes????????
I tell him I am still quite short of breath.  He says you have heart failure.  I told him I thought my breathing was going to improve once all the fluid was removed.  He says that might take some time or it might never improve. WTF?
I said that I can't sleep laying down because of sleep apnea.  He says yeah that's part of heart failure.
He proceeds to write me 5 new prescriptions and tells me to stop taking the ones I just got filled on Monday from my primary care physician.
This all seems so foreign to me.  I grew up in a small town with the family doctor and the dentist in the same hood.  I can remember the doctor coming to our home and giving me stitches after a bike accident.  I can remember walking to the dentist home to get pills for when my Dad had a toothache.
Now my doctors seem to know more about my insurance than I do.


"Tommy" said...

Yep, getting a lil bit older is sometimes not good.. got to take care of your self.. !!!!

Mark Ehlers said...

And your insurance will call the shots as to what your treatment should be. I'm sorry you're having shortness of breath still...I wish I was closer, I'd stop in and do what I could to help. It's never easy knowing who to trust. If I were you, I'd call the primary care physician and talk to him about what happened. If they're in the same network maybe these two doctors should get together to discuss your treatment together.

Anonymous said...

Your doctor seems to be a bit cavalier about your condition and not all physicians are so callous.
I would definitely get another opinion from another cardiologist. Ask friends or co-workers for references, check with but definitely go for a second evaluation, even if you must personally pay for that visit. Not all doctors are the same and you hopefully will find one who does a better job of communicating with their patients. Your doctor seems too busy to treat you properly.
Good luck.

Howard in CT said...

Not all cardiologists are as useless as this one. When my Mister drove me to the ER in Nov. '08, I lucked into the best cardiologist possible. He's probably 40 years old very easy to talk to, and he listens. The young ones are more up to date than the old battleaxes who spout pompous words you can't understand, and don't encourage questions.
If you are out of breath just walking bench to bench in the park, Rick, there is still something seriously wrong going on with your heart.
Can't you ask to see another cardiologist in "the group" while this old jackass is on vacation? Someone with maybe a little less attitude?
Ask if you can have an angiogram. And fuck the cost Dude - it's the only heart you've got, and you deserve to know, a LOT more specifically, WHY you are not feeling better. It doesn't take months. When they find the right way to treat whatever is wrong, you'll feel better immediately. Been there, done that.
Get your ass to the ER again, Rick, even if you have to take a cab. There must be one person you can trust to take care of the dogs until your brother gets home from vacation. You are worrying the shit out of me.

Rick said...

Thanks guys for your concern and suggestions.

Mark in DE said...

Ugh... wouldn't it be great if we could go back to a simpler time, like what you remember as a kid?

Hang in there, Friend!