Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's Pit Stop

It Was A Beautiful Weekend

After what seems like 3 months of rainy weather, especially on weekends, we had one of those chamber of commerce weekends.  I'm trying to get some strength back so I thought I'd make my rounds at the park.  I barely managed to make it from bench to bench.
The damn grackles seem to follow my every step.

Uh Oh!

Yesterday Was My Birthday

I took calls and ate in bed.  As if. my brother was out of town and no one else had a clue.  The pooches didn't remember either. lol  I did get several emails etc.  Thank you!


This is one of my most favorite vanities that I have seen.  The shower is not bad either from what I can see.


I Need A Real Doctor

I decided to call the cardiologist that is in my network to see why I am waiting 3 weeks for an appointment.  The nurse tells me because he goes on vacation tomorrow. What?  I said I haven't seen him since I got out of the hospital and I'm still quite short of breath.  She tells me that I can come in if I get there within an hour or so.  Mind you this is in the medical center in downtown Houston.  So I thought I'll call your bluff and rushed to his office. What a waste of time.
The doctor walks in and asks me what brings me in today?  All I can do is shake my head.  I've just been answering the nurses questions for the last 30 minutes????????
I tell him I am still quite short of breath.  He says you have heart failure.  I told him I thought my breathing was going to improve once all the fluid was removed.  He says that might take some time or it might never improve. WTF?
I said that I can't sleep laying down because of sleep apnea.  He says yeah that's part of heart failure.
He proceeds to write me 5 new prescriptions and tells me to stop taking the ones I just got filled on Monday from my primary care physician.
This all seems so foreign to me.  I grew up in a small town with the family doctor and the dentist in the same hood.  I can remember the doctor coming to our home and giving me stitches after a bike accident.  I can remember walking to the dentist home to get pills for when my Dad had a toothache.
Now my doctors seem to know more about my insurance than I do.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Let's Play Footsie This Weekend

Back That Thang Up!

Room Envy

I like the bright colors for spring, all those windows, and the wall to wall furnishings.  Hey all you need is a path.

Boys In The Band

I think soft rock is their specialty.

Home Alone & Bored

The Many Aspects Of Kitchen Love

Sink under the window
A few glass front cabinets
White counter tops
A Smeg frig!
Under cabinet lighting
The hanging lights
White cabinets
Soapstone counter tops
Wood floors
A wood top island

Wednesday, March 25, 2015