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Thank You

Thanks for all your kind comments and emails.  The last few weeks seem all a blur.  Sometimes the days were long but the weeks just flew by.  How is that possible?  I'm surprised to get any comments because as I have said many times:I'm not very good at networking.  In the blog world or at work.  So thanks again for taking the time and for being so thoughtful.

Rick aka Conrad Jarrett

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where's The Grief?

 It's been a sad week for me.  My father died last week after almost 99 years of enjoying life.  He would have been 99 next month and like a child anxiously awaiting to be a teenager he was equally as anxious to be 100.  He was always kind and so very patient.  He, like many short people I have observed through life, was a bit full of himself.  He loved to talk.  I used to tell people that it was difficult to live with someone that was so cheerful in the morning that would more often than not start the day saying what a great day it was.  It can be nauseating living with someone so positive and happy.
It was an unusually cold day in the Ozark mountains with frost on the ground the day of his funeral.  It was great to see so many friends and relatives.  Relatives that came as far away as California and friends from way back in high school.  It made me feel guilty that I rarely attend a funeral.
With a loss of this magnitude there's all kinds of emotions one feels.  I have felt so sad and angry but I'm not sure if I have experienced grief as of yet.  I missed my Dad very much when he first fell and broke his hip in late March and left my home for what I know now was for good.  I have felt anger over the lack of care I feel he received the last few weeks of his life although there was plenty of money paid for such care.
 I was really angry and pissed off at some people's behavior.  I know it's going to be a long road in settling my Father's estate with my brother.  Actions like him paying his children $1500 each to make the trip for the funeral because he didn't want it to be a burden for them just really gripes my ass.  Maybe I would have gone to more family funerals in the past if I had been paid? I didn't/don't like relatives asking for my Father's property.  I was SHOCKED when family gathered at our home and started asking for things.  "I would like that painting.  I want that quilt. Oh I would love to have that bowl."  All of this going on as my nieces and nephew peruse the home they had not visited in more than 16 years when my Mother was living. So I have felt all kinds of emotions the past few days but I haven't felt grief as of yet.  I know it will come.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ass Wednesday

I Place To Dream

Yee Haw!

Give It The Slip

I have big ideas for some slip covers for my doggie furniture.  But whether I will get it done or not is another story.