Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not Detective Carter????????

 Person of Interest on CBS Tuesday nights is one of my favorite shows.  It is really my only "must see" show of the week besides Master Piece on PBS Sundays.  I was shocked tonight to see Detective Joss Carter, played by Taraji Penda Henson,  take a bullet.   She has become my favorite characters on the show.  Every since last season when she is walking down the hall with the German Shepherd on leash after taking care of her partner, Fusco, one more time.  I LOVED that scene.
I do not love being teased in all the promos that it would be Fusco knocked off tonight.  However, I do like the way his situation and the one with his son played out.
But PLEASE I can't imagine Detective Carter not being around.  I don't know anything about the actress so maybe she wanted off the show?  Maybe it will be some kind of dream sequence or she will come back later in the season???  At this point, I just don't want to say goodbye to Carter.

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