Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It seems my Father, pictured with his dog keeping a watchful eye on him, has had a light stroke recently.  He's just out of it much of the time, his speech is sometimes slurred a bit, but most dangerous of all is that he is falling almost daily. The strange thing about his falling, which has occurred when I am not here most of the time, is that he either doesn't realize it or doesn't mention it???  He has really failed since early summer and it is more than the doctors call "general decline".  So my brother and I are going through all the issues, the main one for me is that I don't want a care giver in my home when I am not here.  Then again, I don't want my father to go to an assisted living facility.  One reason being is that I'm afraid that I would not go see him as I should.  I can imagine visits getting further and further apart I'm ashamed to say.  It sounds as if it's a no win situation since I don't want a care giver and I don't want him to leave.  My brother's wife would never let him come live with them and that is just as well since I would not want to visit him there either.  All I can say is that it is hell getting old.  I'm grateful for much, especially my Father not weighing over 120 pounds, which makes care-giving much easier.  At any rate, we take him back to the doctor tomorrow for more tests.


behrmark said...

You are a good son, Rick. And an honest one, which is difficult to find these days. Sending good thoughts that you may find the answer. HUGS

Howard in CT said...

I'm sure that your father knew, when he was still in full control, how lucky he is to have you taking such good care of him, Rick. You will make the right decision.