Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lunch Is On Me

Spare Me

I was told by a colleague that I didn't understand the gravity of the situation when I claimed the Paula Deen issue was just another media lynching.  I suppose I don't.  I don't have cable at home so I don't watch the Food Network but I've seen and heard plenty of Paula Deen on network TV shows, where by-the-way, the segment is usually cut short.  I couldn't watch her.  I find her irritating.  But that's just me.  I notice the media likes to pick on her.  Criticizing her for how she cooks while having diabetes.  Really?  And now this racial slur and attitude issue.  One media outlet said there will be a backlash from this.  Oh hell yeah.  That is if the media has anything to do with it.  Granted, I've never worked around her or family so I don't know the entire story.  All I can say is get off the old woman's back.  Hey media and news groups, why not do a story on the number of NFL players that have been arrested since January 1st.  If you dare??????
I think I'll order me a Paula Deen cookbook and then go check out some Paula Deen furniture.  You know that I'm in the market for a sofa.

Sweet Head

Wish List

I was ready to order this chair till I realized it was a recliner.  I don't care for recliners.

Fucking Tattoos


No More Wide Open Spaces

Soon the last of the vacant land adjacent to my hood will be gone.   Developers are so antsy to develop.  Of course, that's what they do but I do miss the wide open spaces that were somewhat plentiful when I sold my condo in Houston and moved to the burbs.

Morning Wood

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer's Here! Have A Great Weekend!

Pack It In

Lovely & Dog Friendly

I like this shade of green on the upholstered pieces.  But...I'd have to have slip covers with my pooches.  Hey but great photo shoot.

The Boys Of Summer

Light & Bright

Down Periscope

Two Fister


 A couple of weeks ago in mid afternoon my shoulder started feeling as if I had a sunburn.  By the time I got home from work that evening the feeling had spread to my upper left arm.  I thought this didn't seem symptomatic of a stroke. But what?  By bedtime, I could feel the swollen places on my lower left shoulder.
 In days the spots would be oozing staining shirts and sheets.
 My shoulder still felt inflamed after a week.
It has more or less dried up after two weeks but still red.
So what do you think?  Spider bites is all I could come up with but where and when?  I had gone to the gym that morning before work so I was thinking maybe a spider got on my shirt in the locker????  Maybe it got in the shirt here at home?  It was still wrapped from the dry cleaners so who knows?  And why did I not feel anything till late in the day if that's the case?  Maybe someone at work is trying to off me???
Whatever, I never went to the doctor,I hate going, and I never put a bandage or medicine on it.  I could have tried to get my Father to do so but he would be saying where did you get all that hair on your back?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini Dead At 51

 Just like you, I was surprised and saddened to learn of James Gandolfini's death yesterday.  I was even more surprised that he was only 51.  Like my brother is always telling me, nothing ages a man like a big waistline and thinning hair.
I confess that I have never seen an episode of The Sopranos.  Remember that I don't have cable and haven't in over 25 years and that was just for a few months then.  So...I never saw the phenom of his mobster in action.  But I was aware of him, the actor and character, and fantasized about the bear of a man more than once.  R.I.P. James.

I know that I need to get cable.  My poor Father ask me at least once a week where is the Weather Channel and/or CNN.  I always feel guilty.