Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Ritual:Home Tour

I've been thinking since my father is with me that it would be nice to have some extra room. I'm not crazy about two stories but I kind of fell in love with this little place in the Memorial area here in Houston.

A large foyer would be great to have when me and my three dogs are greeting guest.

I've enjoyed going on home tours for many years. Perusing home decor publications has always been a favorite pastime. I would search and search the photo layouts for some sign of normalcy. Give me an extension cord in the shot please!

I do like high ceilings and the interior stone work.

Gates are always necessary when you have dogs living inside.

Hey it has white cabinets in the kitchen, a big plus for me.

I don't know when in the heck these shots were taken but even with a sprinkler system there aren't any homes in Houston with lawns this green this summer.

At just over 5.2 million dollars, I think I could be happy here if someone would pay my taxes, utilities, upkeep of the grounds as well as a full staff for the inside. Now all I need is the 5.2.