Monday, August 30, 2010

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Living Space

Depth Of Field

Do You Have A "Hands On" Trainer?


What's Hanging?

I'm A Dreamer:More Dreams

Just over the weekend, I seemed to dream the entire time I was sleeping. Ahhh but I know that's apparently not true. But sometimes it seems I wake up exhausted from what I have dreamed. maybe it's just a poor night's sleep.

Dream one I'm on some kind of tour and they say this is Laguna Beach and it was sooooo foggy. I couldn't see anything but I could hear the waves. I could make out two objects out in what should have been water and when I ask what they were I was told an observatory. ??????

Dream two I was driving down a very steep hill on a straight and narrow isolated road. I remembered thinking I hope the brakes hold and that I should down shift. The road ended in a body of water. I was thinking there is no place to turn around. I got out of the car. I could see a city scape and a large bridge much like the Golden Gate across the body of water. The water was clear and rough. Now there's a guy with me and he is leaning over a rock and under water. I reach my hand up under his short pants to feel his ass. (I'm such a perv) I turn and notice the end of a new cedar fence like that that surrounds my yard. I climb over the rocks and go around and there's a neighborhood street with many white houses. I start walking up the street and now the guy is with me again. I look around again and now the street to my left is an older well populated town packed with businesses, people , and cars. The other guy and I are walking down the middle of the neighborhood street. When it comes time to leave I am stressed at how I can turn car around but the car is like a sleep bag now and when I pick it up the car's frame, motor, and tires are underneath. I just drag the sleeping bag around to go back up the hill????
Part two of this same dream I'm taking my brother down the same very steep hill and on the way down he looks out the passenger side window and points out that you can see the old neighborhood and town. I comment that i did not see that before. When we get to the bottom we both go around the new cedar fence that almost comes out to the water's edge. we are in the neighborhood walking around and it all seems so familiar now.

Okay that's it. Dreams bug me sometimes and like I said leave me exhausted in the morning. I have a recorder by my bed and often times I immediately talk about what I have dreamed that night.(I'm silly like that) Then when listening to it later it seems even more foreign than the dream itself.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cab Fare

Zub Zero Headquarters

A Chihuly sculpture hangs in the lobby.
You could entertain all your blog buddies in these kitchens.

Even As A Teenager:My Heart Was Full Of Lust

Amber Alert

Vintage Ride

What Are You Doing To Keep Cool?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Have A Great Weekend

I Heard That

The Test

Sneak Peek

Thank You Carrier

Because I just hate the smell of fish.

My Dreams This Week

Joan Rivers was an auctioneer at a high end antiques auction.
There were two HUGE turkeys standing at an intersection at night.
I was driving down an isolated highway at night and I come upon a car on the side of the road and several people start yelling at me. I panic and tried to speed away but my car kept going slower and slower.
A guy from work is fucking me. Afterwards he tells me to clean him up. (I rarely see this guy but once a week or so and never thought much about him except that his ears are too small for his head. IMO)
My AC goes out again this week with all the storms and power surges. The repair men are here and they have some kind of gray gunk they tell me I need to put in the lines. All this while a Sunday school teacher from my childhood is standing there as the repairman is talking to me.

??????? Any thoughts?

Foot Massage

Farrah's Bel Air Home

The late Farrah Fawcett's Bel Air home is on the market for $6.4 million.
Along with great views and this kitchen, you also get 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

You could tell everyone an angel used to live here.


Oh If I Were A Hand That I Might...

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