Monday, November 30, 2009


I can't believe you're eating leftovers four days after Thanksgiving.
You can't get anyone in my house to eat leftovers.
I'm surprised you didn't feed all THAT to your dogs.
Everything we had was so good there wasn't any leftovers.
My damn mother-in-law took everything home with her.
I started shoving ours down the disposal on Saturday.
Things that dicks and cunts say while I'm eating my lunch of(yes Thanksgiving leftovers) at my desk today.

Monday's Pit Stop

It's Just My Point Of View

Typically Houston

Only the Houston Texans could be ahead 17-0 against the Indianapolis Colts and then lose 35-27. Please tell me that the coach(Kubiack) or quarterback(Schaub) is going to be canned before the end of this year.
A great game last night between the Ravens and Steelers. I was on the edge of my seat. Steelers playing with third string quarterback Dixon done a fine job despite the loss in overtime to Baltimore.
It's a good thing I don't have cable because I could waste some big time hours during football season.


I finally got a fire to burn in this cheap ass pit I bought at Walmart. I think the secret was filling it with leaves first. ha! At any rate, it wasn't really that cold for a fire but I thought I'd give it a shot. A very warm and humid day yesterday but a cold front is on the way. Yeah! Maybe I can try again?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Hope You Have A Relaxing Day

Just My Luck

I made the final payment on my 2005 Nissan pickup, aka dog mobile, on November 10th and then I get rear ended on Sunday the 15th. It felt like it would have crushed my tailgate etc. I was just making a quick trip to the post office and maybe Taco Bell when it happened. Naturally I didn't have my cell or even my camera with me at the time. Wearing sandals and a t shirt covered in holes. Just my luck. Anyway, the girl that hit me I kind of felt sorry for because her new Corolla was damaged pretty bad. As she was sliding on the wet pavement she went under my bumper. At least she had insurance. Usually not the case in Texas when I hear of someone being in an accident.

I Don't RE Upholster

I love it when people ask me:"Do you reupholster furniture?" I reply that no I do it right the first time. rrrrrr Of course, my soul has been replaced with sarcasm(where did I read that line the last few days????).
At any rate, it seems my brother wants something upholstered just before the holidays every couple of years.

It's somewhat therapeutic for me but I don't like being under the gun.

It's interesting to see how furniture is assembled. No mortise and tenon joints here. Just glue and staples it appears.

It can get tedious removing what seems like thousands of staples. You can get a good case of carpel tunnel developing also.

Then there's the nasty ply grip around the edges that has to be removed.

The most pressure is on doing the front of the arms. They get the most wear and people are feeling of it constantly.

I'm always glad when I get all the inside pieces attached. Only then do I feel that I'm on my way.

It doesn't look bad if I do say so myself. But it looks like it belongs in a funeral home. I was surprised at the color and fabric choice for my brother's home but then I found out Thanksgiving it was for my brother's mother-in-law.

The Clean Up

This has got to be the best lil gadget I have ever bought. This magnet is ideal during the final clean up after doing upholstery. Although I'm still picking out staples from my shoes.
Oh and Lucy helps too sometimes.