Friday, October 30, 2009

Kisses For Your Weekend!

Cigars, Cigarettes, Bobby Pins

Alley Way

Mid Term Break

Privacy Please

Model Play

Someone Needed A Bath

Or something rather. I should have baked this cheesecake in a water bath but... Now I have to fill the cracks. That hasn't been a problem in my past but in this case I shouldn't have to do that. Blueberries piled high should work.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Standard Time And Halloween This Weekend

I'm just trying to remind myself. LOL

But Are You Having A Good Time?

Are You In A Hole?

Now I Get Around To It

Now that the end of summer is here I thought I'd put a new blade on my mower. However, since I sew winter rye over the St. Augustine grass I'll have the opportunity to mow all winter. Yeah!!!!!

Fall Grooming

My girls looked so pretty yesterday when I picked them up from their day at the spa. Actually, it was their fall hair cuts. I even think Sable looks a few pounds lighter. A dog's life is not so bad.

Just My Size

Only Flames Are On The Box

I had my eye on a nice oriental looking fire pit at Lowe's for $148. But after our first two cool fronts lasted all of 2 days each I had to ask myself how often would the thing get used. I mean I can count the times I've had a fire in the fireplace since I've lived here. Sooooooo I opted for a cheap pit from Walmart. The thing is:the only real flames are on the cover of the box because not even a Duraflame log would burn all the way. I guess it will save wear and tear on my shredder though. I can now burn bills and old love letters. Maybe?

Laundry Day

Vintage Black & White

Wednesday, October 28, 2009