Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's Pit Stop

I Always Carpool On Mondays

Sunday In The Park With Dad

The Oyster Creek Park, aka Lost Creek Park, here in Sugar Land was still green after so many months of dry weather. Most of the fountains weren't working and so many of the flowers were spent but my dad seemed to enjoy the breeze he got while I pushed him in the wheelchair.
Yeah, I'm a cruel son. I made my 96 year old father walk the bridge back to the car. Hey he had a hand rail.

Oyster Creek is just stagnant water at this point. Hopefully with some rain this fall it will begin to flow again.

I Could Cook Here

Ahh The Good Ole Days

Saturday Night Binge

I took my Dad to a dive on the East side Saturday night. Well, it wasn't really a dive but the East side of Houston, actually we were in the Kemah area, is the industrial side of the city where all the refinery workers eat hardy and clog their arteries. My Dad loves fried food. How he has lived so long with low cholesterol is beyond me and science.

To Continue The Overindulgence

Sable was very attentive, just like the wait staff in an upscale restaurant,
as Dad and I had our peach and blackberry cobbler before bedtime.

It's Just My Point Of View

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smokin' Pit

Pine Log Candles

I'm looking forward to when temperatures drop below 70 degrees and I can enjoy a burning candle.

Are You A Giving Person?