Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've Been Hiking The Appalachian Trail

Actually...Yeah that's right I've been on vacation the last week and you didn't even miss me. What can I say? It's a busy time of year so it's easy to not really notice when someone is out of pocket. I tried to do a post for every day before I left but in review I see I missed a couple. Oh well. You won't begrudge me that I'm sure. It's good to be back in my rut. I mean routine. Vacations can be an ass kicker, especially when it is so damn hot. I had a good time nevertheless. It was just a road trip home to see my father in Arkansas. Then my father and I drove to St Louis, Paducah, Kentucky and back to the Ozarks. All of that in 4 days and finally my drive back to Houston. All I can say is that it is as HOT in the mid south as it is in the deep south. Oh and I'm a bit saddle sore.

Farah Most Fair

You go to your earthly resting place today in Beverly Hills, CA after your exhausting battle with cancer.

Yes, I had your poster on my wall. Good cover don't you think? That nipple thing was so risque' at the time.

And I remember you and Lee Majors' turn on the Brady Bunch with all the household confusion.

Your lovers which I admit I crushed on a bit myself.

At a fashion show in 2004 you looked quite glamorous. Rest in peace Farah.

How Green Was My Valley

The hills of home, Ozark Mountains, taken from just south of Marshall, Arkansas.

Dog Days Of Summer

The heat during vacation was a kicker for my girls too. But give them a spot in front of an AC vent set on high and they're just like dad, a sleepyhead.


Take Me Out To The Ball Park

That's It Baby

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