Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu:Are You Protected?

Is it me or is swine flu spreading as fast as the media blitz? I find it somewhat strange. It seems this thing came out of left field all of a sudden and now there's press conferences mid day and it's the leading story in all news casts. Is the media trying to cover up some impending doom of some other origin or are they just in need of a story? Don't you find it a bit odd?

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Monday Night Flood

It's the first time I've seen water like this here in Sugar Land since I bought my home. I suppose one reason is it seldom rains here as it does in town(Houston) or on the east side. It was also the first time I've been caught in town and unable to leave the parking garage. When I lived in my third floor condo in Houston I waded water many times and would have to leave my car blocks from home but this was a first since moving to the burbs.
The area had major rain fall on the 17th and 18th then again last Friday. So when the rains started Monday night with anywhere from 5 to 9 inches there wasn't anywhere for it to drain. Typical weather here on the gulf coast. It's always feast or famine. Now I'm sure it will be several months without rain this summer. But at this point that doesn't seem so bad.

Monday, April 27, 2009