Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Weekend Project Done

I'd like to do a project/repair at home, or on my vehicle for that matter, and be able to say afterwards. "Boy. That was easy." I don't believe it has happened yet though.
I got my new hot water heater installed and operating over the weekend. Not after several trips to the hardware store though. I put in new water and gas lines, very phallic don't you think, and a new shut off valve. It did not go smoothly. The new tank although the same capacity was 6 inches shorter and fatter than the old one. As a result the water lines were too short so I had to build up the platform another 6 inches or more. I sat this one in one of those flimsy aluminum overflow pans with a drain in case I'm still here the next time it starts to leak. Maneuvering the big mother fucker was not easy by myself but I made it. As I said though, it is fatter and sits too close to the back wall I fear. I'm not sure it would pass inspection in that regards. Nothing ever goes as planned.

As I said, I replaced the shutoff valve. I could not get the water shut off completely due to corrosion. Also, you can see that the water flow was restricted as a result of the mineral deposits inside.

It looks good for now anyway. Hey, and no leaks!

That's The Way To Leave A Room

Astros catcher Brad Ausmus hit a two-run home run off Braves starter Mike Hampton, a former teammate, in the third inning. This was quite a feat since this was Ausmus last game with the Astros.
Brett Coomer/Chronicle photo

Severe Gardening

My brother and his wife gave me these plants, plus a ficus and something else that bit the dust years ago, when I moved here in January of '85. I can't believe they have survived extreme heat, a time indoors, an occasional freeze, and much more over 23 years. I have pruned them before and they recovered so I couldn't stop myself this weekend when I started trimming.
These yuccas? had a huge root ball and shaft that I had a difficult time getting out of the pots since their roots had grown up under the lip of the pots.

I will let you know if they come out of this latest sever pruning I gave them.

Black Eyed Susan?

A transvestite takes part in the Gay Pride Parade in dowtown Montevideo on September 26, 2008.

You Can Look Good And Still Lose

Texans kicker Kris Brown connected on a 47-yard field goal with only seconds remaining to send Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars into overtime, tied at 27. The Jaguars, however, won 30-27 on Josh Scobee's 37-yard field goal.
Karen Warren/Chronicle Photo

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Hand Luke Dead At 83

Paul Newman died of cancer yesterday. The first movie I recall seeing him in was Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor and I was crushing bad. And the thought he was mourning the loss of a male friend/love interest was even more to my liking.

Friday, September 26, 2008