Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Trip To Them There Hills Of Home

The girls and I left Houston last Monday morning for the 10 plus hour drive home. My lab stayed just as she is pictured above for 9 hours of the drive. I don't think she trusts my driving.
I snapped this mega church along I430 in West Little Rock.

The sun was setting as I drove north on Hwy 65 approximately 95 miles to go at this point.

Even after the sun set I could see the devastation from the deadly April tornadoes in Damascus and Clinton, Arkansas.

My First Morning Home

I took a stroll around my childhood neighborhood on my first morning home since there had been a major wind storm the night before I got there. Luckily my father only had limbs down in his yard but could have had major damage from trees. However, many of the large white and post oak trees in his yard already have a minimum of limbs due to severe ice storms in the area in recent years.

Met With High Water

When my father and I took my dogs to Bull Shoals lake we were met with high waters. Sad to see that water recreation in the area has been and will continue to be non existent due to the heavy spring rains. They are slow to release the water down stream into the already swollen Mississippi. At any rate, the girls loved the cold water.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Dad and I drove up to Eureka Springs one day. It is a quaint little Victorian town with many of the buildings as they were in their horse and buggy days. The streets are narrow and parking can be scarce. Many of the homes have no off street parking. The town is filled with typical touristy shops, some with early shit and others with Chinese imports. It wasn't too lively the day we were there. I'm sure that gas prices has put a crunch on much of the tourist industry. You might like it. I prefer it in the fall and winter months myself.

About 15 years ago my sister-in-law had the bright idea of having Christmas here as opposed at my parents home. It was okay but I remember we spent so much damn time running back to a store for something or another. My late mother didn't care for it. She said she grew up in an old musty house and didn't care to go back.

The library.

Christ statue where the Great Passion Play is presented in summer months. I wanted to do a summer stint performing in the play but settled on Dogpatch USA theme park which was closer to

The Crescent Hotel

We ate lunch here at the Crescent Hotel. It was so so. I was there 22 years ago for a wedding reception. Ate there again in the mid 1990's. The food has never been impressive. It's got one helluva pipe organ in the lobby though.

St. Elizabeth's Church