Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Do You Feel And Express Joy?

Today, I was chastised by my brother for not showing some enthusiasm when I was told what many would think was great news.
My phone was ringing as I walked in the door from running errands and it was my brother wanting to borrow my pickup to help his daughter and son in law move some furniture. I said no problem then I thought it's a dog vehicle and hasn't been washed or detailed in over a month. On the hottest of all days(they are all hot in TX from now till Halloween) I moved my truck back outside to clean it up. Man I have never seen so much pet hair on the passenger side. At any rate, I rush to get it cleaned. Then my brother doesn't show up for 3 and a half hours later with his daughter and her husband. Okay so here's the matter at hand, as soon as they walk in the door my niece says your going to be a great uncle and promptly shows me an ultrasound? pic of the baby. I hum haw around and say something like your kidding? I am thinking things such as; are you out of your mind gas is $4 a gallon, you've just finished your first year of college, you've only been married 13 months, your husbands not even through with school. I'm not sure I even say anything else since my dogs interrupt the conversation by jumping on everyone. Alright, I feel bad for those thoughts to be my first especially when it's not even my child. My brother is, by all appearances, quite successful and loves spoiling his young adult children so I know they won't be struggling. So why am I thinking such negative thoughts? Just me I guess.
So my brother calls me soon after they leave telling me I could have showed more "joy" for her because she loves me blah , blah, blah. It would have seemed so insincere or out of character for me to have said something like oh I am so happy for you. That's just not me. I never show sadness or "joy" when I get a gift. I'm just not very expressive. Maybe if I drank more I would be.
The situation got me to thinking about when have I felt true "joy". Well, I know this is sad but I can only think of a few times. The first time was when I was a teenager. It was just my parents and I at the kitchen table in front of sliding glass doors that over looked out deck. Suddenly our lab/water spaniel mix dog walked up. He had been missing for over a year. I remember flying out of my chair oversome with "joy" and even my mother, who never was crazy about the dog, was deeply moved. My father looked him over and he had lost so much weight and his paws were worn and his nails all but gone. He had been on quite a journey. So this still makes my heart sing.
Another time I was going home to see my parents on a cold fall day in the Ozarks and when I got there I parked on the side garage to the basement and walked around to find my mother sweeping leaves off the walk. When she saw me she was so happy to see me and giving me hugs and kisses then beating me with the broom for not telling her I was coming home. She always expressed great "joy" when any of us returned home. I'm sure my father was glad but never showed it in an obvious way.
Finally, after I suppose years of one night stands I met a guy one weekend when I was in my mid 20's. It was great time and one of the first that I had quite a bit of conversation during that first encounter. I had thought about him all day that following Sunday knowing he would be like all the rest. But Monday evening when I returned to my apartment with a few groceries and a six pack of Michelob he was sitting on my door step. I know then my heart leaped for "joy".
Maybe I'm depressed. Maybe there's just not much that gives me real "joy". How about you?

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday! Have A Great Weekend!

Don't Let Me Catch You!

Because I am in the mood for love!
I told you. Now relax baby.

Oh sure. Run home to be with all your straight buds.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

R.I.P. Harvey Korman

In this May 14, 1972 file photo Harvey Korman is shown with his Emmy award for outstanding achievement by a performer in a music or variety show in Los Angeles. Korman, the tall, versatile comedian who won four Emmys for his outrageously funny contributions to "The Carol Burnett Show" and played a conniving politician to hilarious effect in "Blazing Saddles," died Thursday, May 29, 2008. He was 81.
I remember being in a speech/drama class and we were always bringing up the actors on The Carol Burnett Show as an example for loosing their POC(point of concentration). Our teacher would tell us they were getting paid and we weren't. That hardly fair or reasonable at the

Horna Makes Me Horny

Peru's Luis Horna is seen during a break as he plays France's Gael Monfils during their second round match of the French Open tennis tournament, Thursday May 29, 2008 at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris. Photo by Michel Spingler AP

What Do You Think?

I was wondering what you would think if these Davids were more than competitors and friends?Actually, it's not them but their ages that I use as an example and since the majority of us know who they are and their ages. Cook is 25 and Archuleta is 17. So would it be inappropriate for a 25 year old man to have a physical relationship with a teenager as such? This morning as they appeared on the Today show to perform on the plaza.
They appear to have a genuine affection for one another.

American Idol" winner David Cook, left, and runner-up David Archuleta ride piggyback on local radio personality Gerg T. during their appearance on the NBC "Today" television program, in New York's Rockefeller Center Thursday May 29, 2008.

Thursday Briefings


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Humps

Stop! That Tickles.

NYC "Sex In The City" Premiere

The stars of "Sex and the City" pose for a photo at the film's New York premiere, Tuesday, May 27, 2008. From left are Cynthia Nixon; Kristin Davis; Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattral. AP photo by Dave Allocca
Sarah Jessica Parker Broderick working it.

Jason Lewis arrives, ALONE, during the "Sex And The City" movie premiere.

Under dressed designer Zac Posen attends the premiere of "Sex and the City".

Actor Gilles Marini looking sharp with that tie.

I Think I Can

The first cars of the year drive over the Gotthard pass and have to drive through walls of snow in Switzerland. The Gotthard pass reopened after the winter season about one week later than usual.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Price To Go

Last night I noticed the price of petro in downtown Houston.
Then when I got home to Sugar Land I noticed the price was a bit cheaper.

Why Can't I Let It Go?

A few weeks ago when I cleaned my so called home office I faced a dilemma. What to do with so much crap I saved. Here I have a file drawer full of past vacation pamphlets, maps, and mementos. Okay maybe twice in the last 15 years someone has mentioned going somewhere and I can offer them some tourist info. Hardly worth hanging on to so much though. Everything can be found online. Then I decided to change the desk/large table with drawers on both sides for a smaller version. In the drawer facing the wall was a stash of magazines, mostly Premiere movie magazines. After a closer look I could find no good reason as to why I saved them. Kevin Costner was certainly popular in the early 90's is about all learned. I have boxes full of such issues.
Finally, in the May 1990 issue of Premiere is the clever Dentyne ad where I can see the top 10 rentals of the month and the soon to be released videos. Now that's valuable information to have 18 years later.
Anyone got a match?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday's Pit Stop

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