Monday, March 31, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

They're Looking Up

I Had No Vantage Point

I went to see Vantage Point last night after work. I should have known better than to listen to the crowd at work saying it was good. All Dennis Quaid managed to do was snarl. If he had a few scenes showing his awesome abs then I would have been a bit less critical. :)

I Could Get Lost In There

What A View

There Is A Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Been Thinking

And that's not always a good thing. A couple months ago my blog was classified as offensive to some which took me aback. I had tried to avoid the big D but I guess the ass munching shots are somewhat shocking to someone just stopping by. So when I recently got back on line I thought to hell with it I will post whatever I want, dick and all. But I really don't think there needs to be another blog with cock. I'm at loggerheads with myself. Don't really know what kind of blog I want to have. It reminds me of one Christmas when my sister-in-law ask me what was the theme of my tree and I said "early shit". As Lilly Tomlin has said about herself in routines, "I always wanted to be special but now I realize I should have been more specific". Guess that's appropriate for me and my blog as well.


That Is Some Fine Ass!

I Know That Blogger

Sometimes when I see a picture for the first time on the www I think oh that's. . .but then a closer inspection tells me it's not. I like that first glance though when I think it's someone I know or know of. When I first caught a glimpse of this fella, I thought it was Moby but then I realized he didn't have that blogger's pretty eyes.
I immediately thought this was Patrick but then reconciled myself to the fact he was too old.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It Was Another Beautiful Spring Day

Ouestion Of Design

Do you think this island lighting is a bit much? I thought these pendants were huge.

You Can't Go Wrong In Blue

The Face Of Fear

Two weeks ago today, my girls and I were at the dog park when a thunderstorm rolled in. On the way home we were in the typical Texas torrential rain with some hail. But the deafening sound pounding on the top of the truck sent my babies behind the seat in a huddle.

Monday's Pit Stop And More

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Annoying Than A Skin Tag

My King Tut looking blog buddy, Ray, has tagged me once again. Let me see if I can get this right. I'm not good at rules or instructions.

1. Link to the jerk that tagged you.

2. Identify 6 random things about yourself.

3. Now continue the chain letter and tag 6 others you want to annoy and link to their blogs.

Now let's see. Oh I've already done #1 so I can cross that off.

1. I bite my nails. (Sad and disgusting at my age)

2. I'm ashamed to be known to have a temper.

3. I like Easter candy and find myself just looking at it in stores.( I was born on Good Friday so more often than not my birthday was around Easter and I always got lots of candy.:) )

4. I have a job I hate. (Sad and disgusting at my age)

5. I used to like to watch Johnny Carson's flirting banter with Liv Ullman and Diane Cannon.

6. People thought I was nasty nice or rather a neurotic housekeeper until I adopted my girls.







Where Are All My Easter Eggs?