Friday, February 29, 2008

It's GO TEXAN Day In Houston

Houston's Livestock Show and Rodeo is starting this weekend with a trail ride crawling into town and a barbecue cook off at Reliant Stadium to kick off the over two weeks of fun. It was western wear day at work today. I didn't participate. I couldn't decide on what color of bandanna to wear. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Do You Mean No More Treats?

President Bush says we are not headed for a recession.

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

The Presidential election is starting to nauseate me. I feel stressed out and I find myself thinking about the candidates non stop it seems. Even more so than where I'm going out to eat next. Is that natural? I'm I getting depressed. Am I overwhelmed?

KC Says

Do a little dance Make a little love

Get down tonight
On your knees that is. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fess Up! You Do It Too

Where The Money Is

"Uptown" Houston's high dollar street signs.

Tuesday's Thinker

Do You Play Dirty?

Model CJ For DNA

Monday, February 25, 2008

We Have Had Foggy Starts Lately

The girls and I were the first to arrive at Millie Bush Bark park yesterday morning. We got in the habit of going so early to beat the heat in the summer. So we've continued our routine of a sunrise swim.
They don't hesitate to get in the water no matter how cold although other dogs refrain.

It appeared the fog became more dense once we got there.

But it was soon burning off and we had clear skies by the time we made the 15 mile drive home.

It Seems I Wasn't The Only One Sneering Oscar

There seems to be a common opinion at work this morning about the Academy Awards program last night and that is lackluster. It turns out that I'm not as cynical as my nieces were telling me last night as I found my self sneering, dozing off, and reaching for the remote, during what I felt was a BORING show. I don't have cable(I know it's 2008 but I never have for more than 3 months in my life)so I'm not that familiar with Jon Stewart but I found him boring. I would have just soon seen Regis Philbin host the show. I might not have been bored just annoyed. Coworkers say it was because of the writer's strike and there wasn't enough time for Stewart to create much. Huh? You don't think they would plan ahead no matter what? Another opinion I have is that it would be a damn shame if George Clooney was gay and just won't live it. He might inspire me to come out. Well, he could.
And one more thing, that whole red carpet routine is getting old too. They want a hip youthful show then something needs to change in that opening segment too.
One person I think is a star of the future is Amy Adams. I think she is gorgeous!

She done a fine job performing a song from Disney's Enchanted on last nights show.

Oh and I liked her in The Departed and imagined myself being her sleeping with Leonardo Decaprio. :)

Finally, here's a shot of John Travolta from the Oscar telecast last night. Now don't you think he looks like a monkey? What is it? Implanted hair? Is it dyed the reason it looks so odd? If he has such great or decent hair why not keep it longer? Okay. I'm being ugly again with my sneering comments. :(

Breathe Deep! It's Monday's Pit Stop

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Bores Me

The Oscar along with The Emmy and other award shows ain't like they used to be. These people are crammed down my throat all week 52 weeks a year through every media outlet possible. I suppose that is one reason why it's not that special to see the show anymore and why I find myself channel surfing during such telecast. I'm sure the stars of yesteryear, such as the ones pictured above, made the talk show circuits back then but I guess I was outside playing or already in bed when they did. One thing for sure there wasn't as many opportunities for them to sell themselves as there is now.
As for tonight's winners, I'm glad to see DDL win actor and I would have rather seen Hal Holbrook win supporting actor as opposed to Javier Bardem. I wanted Julie Christi to win because of a long time crush. Could Tilda Swinton be more boring or the Coen brothers be more stoic?
Observations:Could Hillary Swank have more crows feet? Brettcajun thinks he has it bad. What is it with John Travolta? His hair line makes him look like a monkey. I don't think Jon Stewart is funny. Javier Bardem is hot! Looks as if he lost some weight.
I guess I'm just getting old and that's why I have this opinion of the show. But I'm looking forward to reading other points of view in the next few days.

Saturday, February 23, 2008