Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve With No Lover Is The Pits

Be Safe And Suck On One For Me Tonight

If You Think This Post Is Long

You should have been with my family and me at dinner last night. Once again my father offers to take everyone out for dinner and his grand children (grown) choose Benihana. They are so spoiled by my brother and his wife that I guess they love watching someone standing over a hot grill preparing them a meal.
It started out innocent enough. The drinks I had for the 20 minute wait helped.

But this show got a bit tedious for me. I would have rather been sitting in a smoke filled room getting a lap dance from Brettcajun than taking in all these fumes for over an hour. As my nieces so politely point out, I am a fuddy duddy.

Got home in time to see the last quarter in the Titans and Colts game. What the hell happened there? And whats with all these kneel downs the last 2 plus minutes of a game. I'm tired of that crap too.

Who'd A Thunk It? Texans 42 Jaguars 28

Andre' Davis crosses the goal line on a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. It was his first of two return touchdowns on the day. The next one was for 104 yards! A great final game for the season at home. You can't ask for much more. Well, a spot in the playoffs would be nice.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's A Lazy Sunday

When Making Homemade Bread

Use your thumb to create an indention dividing the bread before baking.

Meanwhile Up On Brokeback Mountain

Ben Cohen

What A Great Game Last Night

My man Tom looked dam good last night, at least in the fourth quarter, against the New York Giants. What a great game that supposedly didn't mean anything other than a 16 th straight win for New England and a couple more records for Tom and Randy Moss. Eli Manning and the Giants came out determined to win and to be honest at halftime I thought they probably would. DEADLY DUO: NBC’s Andrea Kremer interviews New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, right, and receiver Randy Moss.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Guys Get All The Attention

I Hate It

When I sit on the thrown and my balls are in the water. This happens frequently at work but never at home. The water level is too low at home. I'm not bragging although I am all balls. But like this morning it's rather chilly and they have retreated nicely but some days at work not so. That's why I would never give a courtesy flush at work. I could lose my buddies.


Late Lunch At 59 Diner

Still eating as healthy as ever with fried mushrooms and a patty melt. If it's not fried my dad frowns a bit. Go figure. Oh and to top it off he has a chocolate malt. I think he's going through his second childhood.

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's The Last Friday Of 2007!

Another Inch Or So Of Rain Last Night

Thunderstorms passed through during the night bringing another inch of rain for the week. The dogs love it. Water pools at the edge of the patio and in the yard where they have already destroyed the grass and makes nice cool mud. Just so they are happy.

Oh Brett:You Got Problems

It looks as if Brettcajuns help down on the stud farm is slacking and laying down on the job. It must be tough finding good help.

I'm Not The Only One

I'm not the only one that sleeps with too many pillows and with a leg hiked. I wonder if he has lower back problems?

The Notorious Cake

The cake that my aunt sent that I was pondering taking to my brothers fro dinner and didn't is quite good. I usually don't like cake cake but this is very moist with plenty of icing mouse whatever in between and on top. My dad,93, says the doctor told him that chocolate increases his heart rate. I say screw the doc.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lower Back Pain

This is my sleeping position. It wreaks havoc with my lower back. I can't help it. Oh and too many pillows. Not referring to the king size goose down I have strapped to my torso either.

So Much For My Peppered Steak Appetizer

I know it doesn't look very appetizing. I should have put it on a bed of lettuce or something. But I spent big bucks on this not to mention the time cutting it. Everyone said it was sooo hot. I thought I was the pussy. It is too spicy for my baby girls. I'll have to use it as a snack.

I Used To Wear My Momma's Coats/Clothes

Now it looks as though it is appropo for guys. Who'd a thunk it? I was a trend setter years ago.

Did I Tell You About My Dad's Mutt?

When I took my dad's doberman/rottweiler/shepherd mix mutt to get him fixed at the SPCA here in Houston he soon came down with kennel cough. I always see the charge on my annual visit/bills for my dogs but didn't know much about it. Well the mutt kicked it after about 4 days of a terrible cough and heaving but then my baby Sable got it and just couldn't shake it. I had been charged for a vaccine for it but they told me it was just like a flu shot-no guarantee. After almost $300, my babies seem back in top form. And a bit more quiet around here. Mercy they sounded so pitiful.

What Happened To Brett Or Even Al?

That's why I do not buy lotto tickets. I am not lucky at all. I should be a meteorologist because I can't predict crap. Where in the heck was my head last week when this was announced?

I Need A Handyman

As always, after the holidays I start thinking of all the projects I've got to get done around here. Unfortunately some of them will never get done. But if I had help I think I could get em licked.

Hope You Get To Sniff Some Tail This Week