Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hope You Get Some Skull For Halloween

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

At least one of them is smiling and no it isn't me.

The Girls and I Take An Evening Stroll

With the weather so nice, the girls and I took a walk in the new development to enjoy the quiet among all the homes that haven't sold yet. Come on down blog buddies and make a deal. You'll love the 2 to 3 months of pleasant weather we have here in southeast Texas.

After we get home they act as if they've been working like a sled dog. I tell you a dog's life can't be all that bad.

Accentuate The Positive

All Aboard The Love Train

Monday, October 29, 2007

RIP Porter "I Will Always Love You" Wagoner

Porter Wagoner has died at the age of 80 due to lung cancer. He gave Dolly Parton her big break in Nashville in 1967 where they were a successful duet for over 6 years. During the CW award season they were always nominated as a duet along with Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn, and George Jones/Tammy Wynette. When Dolly left Porter and his syndicated TV show she penned the famous song I Will Always Love You for which she, along with help from sister Whitney, must have made enough money to clear our national debt. At any rate, after their breakup both obviously survived and prospered but more so for Dolly.

Sunrise at the Dogpark

I continued the routine of taking my babies to the dog park, about 15 miles away, yesterday morning. I like to leave about 6:30 to be there for sunrise. More often than not we are the first ones there besides the workers that clean and open the gates. (How can they clean in the dark?) I was taken aback yesterday when there was a guy running the track with his dog. What a miserable way to start the day. The last couple of visits we have stayed almost 3 hours. The weather has been unbelievably nice for Houston all week. When I would take them in the summer they were foaming at the mouth by 8:00 am with temps in the 80's. They are down right feisty with the cooler weather.

My Golden, Lucy, is the anti social of the two. What can you do? She's a pure breed. She shows no interest in other dogs or people unless they stop to chat and then she snaps at them. Always a welcome trait at the park.

On the other hand, my Lab(mix) is a sweetheart and loves seeing, sniffing, and running with other dogs. But the poor thing is like her master, too fat, and she pays the price for a couple of days for being such a weekend warrior. She can hardly get up and she grunts, like my late grandmother used to do, when she gets up or lays down. I give her glucosamine(sic)which seems to help. She'll be back in top form by tomorrow.

What Happened to Ray Ray?

What became of Ray Ray of Look It's Horsey fame. While I was out of service a few weeks his blog and one of two others disappeared. Perhaps he met a wild stud and is living happily ever after? I hope so.

Oh No! It's Monday!

Have a great week.

Do You Rear French on the First Date?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Absolute Coolest

Hey. This is the coolest my house has been in over 6 months and I'm loving it. Oh and the girls seems to be a tad more energetic as well.

Hopes of a Better Week for California!

During and after.

Mid Life Crisis?

Models display the concept scooter Gemma, produced by Japanese motorcycle giant Suzuki Motor, equipped with a 250cc liquid-cooled one-cylinder engine on its stylish body during the press preview at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in Chiba, suburban Tokyo, on Thursday.

Why do I have this interest in motorcycles at this stage of life? What's next for me:lusting after the 2008 Corvette?

Houston Haunted House

Arlex Dominguez is startled when one of the "actors" sticks her head out of a picture frame.

I remember getting pinched on the ass as a grade schooler in a haunted house. I should have ratted them out but I must have liked it even then.

Discovery Launch This Week-Who Knew?

Backdropped by a blue and white Earth, space shuttle Discovery approaches the international space station during rendezvous and docking operations Thursday in this image provided by NASA. The Harmony node is visible in Discovery's cargo bay. A Russian spacecraft, docked to the station, is visible at left.

Compartment after the hatch opening between the international space station and space shuttle Discovery on Thursday. Pictured (clockwise) are astronauts George Zamka (white shirt), pilot; Daniel This photo provided by NASA shows space shuttle Discovery crewmembers in the Orbiter Docking Tani, Stephanie Wilson, Doug Wheelock, Scott Parazynski and European Space Agency's Paolo Nespoli, all mission specialists.

Tom Brady Is A Freak

You Go To San Diego-You Get Burned

Actually we(Texans) don't have to leave Reliant Stadium to get our ass kicked. The Gov was honorary captain tossing the coin and acknowledging the crowd below.
The San Diego Chargers won 35-10 over the Texans Sunday at Qualcom Stadium. I hope it was a tremendous morale boost for the people of San Diego and California. After the 5th loss it was par for the course for Texans' fans.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Smell of Leather

Have You Had a Nanner Today?

Hottie in the Mustang

Do you ever spot a guy somewhere, in this case on the freeway in a Mustang convertible, and you can't take your eyes off him. Well the fella was so fine and I loved the way he kept running his fingers through his full head of hair. I kept him in my sights for a good 15 miles on the way home today. I wanted a closer pic but was afraid I'd side swipe him. Hey then we could have exchanged info. Darn. V8 moment.

Just Some "Run of the Mill" Guys