Monday, September 24, 2007

Mostly Monday

Man it is hard to get in a groove on Monday. But it starts before having to crawl out of bed on Monday morning. Usually a cloud hangs over my head on Sunday nights knowing what's ahead but now that I have Sunday night football it's not so bad. Especially last night, what started out as a somewhat boring half the Cowboys came alive in the second half against Chicago. That's a nice pick me up.
Started watching TV this evening since it's all new programming but have already lost interest. I miss my King of Queens too. The networks have hyped this crap for months. They get you interested and then come end of November it will be reruns or preempted till mid January. At any rate, I'm not much of a TV viewer anymore. Perhaps if I had cable? But Two and a Half Men was pretty good tonight. Charlie Sheen's character had a rash from dyeing his pubic hair. Now that's funny. Only because I've thought of doing it
No rain for over two weeks so I've had to water. I would have never thought that but all things must come to an end, even the daily rains.
Well once again I can't post pics but I have a shit load to share when I do. I miss that purging of my photo files.
Later Amigos

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sad Sunday

Still unable to get this picture issue settled. It's obvious I need more memory for my puter with the amount of photos I take and save but still I'm puzzled and pissed. Perhaps it's a sign for me to get off my dead ass and get some chores done around the house. That would be a concept. I didn't realize how bummed I would be with this issue. You have no idea what your missing! ha

Well the Texans lost to the Indianapolis Colts. It's sad because deep down I thought they would. Winning the first two games of the season was just too damn good to be true for Houston. But I never became overly optimistic or confident. Imagine if the players think that way. Would you want them on your team? Hell no. So I feel sad for feeling that way, I know I should be more positive in general. It's easy to be negative and pessimistic when nothing seems to go right for me or my city's teams.

Well Brett can feel his oats after yesterday's victory for LSU. But the Tigers didn't score first in their home stadium. Speaking of stadium the announcers said there were 90,000 plus fans there. Damn that is a stadium and a rather large fan base. Geeeez. Well, I'm glad someone has something to cheer about. He probably won at tennis and got smacked on that leather sofa this weekend. Oil Well

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Same Ole Same Ole

Well as far as I am concerned there's not much point in having a blog if I can't post photos. Granted, a large portion of what I have posted I certainly did not take. If I had the opportunity to be around that many naked guys do you think I would be blogging? But I do like posting/telling a sweet, sarcastic tale with pictures. Someone has slipped me a mickey that won't quit. It's funny. All I do is read blogs and for some reason save some photos from some blogs. Why do I do that? What am I going to do with them? Just like before digital I've go so many damn pictures stacked high in the closet/hard drive I will never look at them again. So I don't know why I would horde any of yours. Well some of you are so pretty. I like Brett on his foo foo sofa. I never get enough of Johnny Rude or Ray Ray teasing with a hint of pubes. So I am at a lost with this blog thingy and I can't post these dumb ass pictures I take or that I have found here and there.
Today I had Tex Mex with some padres from work. It really is quite boring without a pic to post of the mess. I got to quit eating like this at lunch though. Tomorrow I will stay in and eat tuna and crackers. I promise.
Later dudes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Whining

As you can see, still no luck with uploading photos. In every attempt the screen freezes and tells me the program is not responding. Nahhhhh! You think? Patience is the only thing I have less of than...well you know. So I'll try a few more solutions before the weeks over and hope for the best.
Well it is too hot to be late September. It's football weather gosh darn it. But we really don't have what you call a fall here along the gulf. All we can do is hope and trust October brings cooler temps.
I actually saw lawn sprinklers on this afternoon. that's gotta be a first since early June. I suppose people want to see if their investment is still working. This gumbo soil does start to dry out rather quickly especially with the high temps.
I really do hate not being able to post gratuitous nude photos. I guess that's what I deserve since I don't post any of myself just exploit others. Perhaps I'm being punished?
Oil Well. Till next time or I get this problem resolved.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Speaking (sort of)

Either Blogger or my lil puter won't let me post pictures. I'm tired of trying actually. I suppose I need to get some more memory. I only have 256 mg ram and I know you can get up to 4 g on the new systems. So every time I choose a photo and hit open the screen freezes. At any rate, no pics for post. I really don't have much to say at the moment. I'm pissed but what's new. Not in a good way either.
On the other hand, maybe this is the first step of the gay mafia in revoking my "gay card". Just because I'm more or less closeted and don't have pics of gay friends to post doesn't mean this isn't a gay blog. Have you seen the decorating pics I've posted? Perhaps you have seen some of the silly male nudes on this blog. Surely they exemplify some gay persuasion or at least curiosity. Don't you think?

Monday, September 17, 2007

After a Day at the Spa

I'm not sure they look at it as pampering. The golden really doesn't like to be touched as far as grooming. The groomer always lets me know too. But they are glad to be with each other finally.
After being kept in separate cages till I get there. I hate to see them like this. lol

They smell so good and are so happy to be going home. The lab, actually lab and chow mix, looks much leaner after being shaved down for the last time this year. Perhaps I should try that shaved look?

Texas Grub for Lunch

Do you think 8 oz of sliced brisket is a portion? For a family of three you say? So that's my problem. Well one of them at least.

Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day and weekend for that matter to be out and about. Still quite warm, I think 92 today, but lower humidity. You know what we always say here:"It's not the heat . It's the humidity." Well, we couldn't say that today.

Monday Morning Moans

I never want to get out of bed on Monday morning. Rarely do I get good sleep Sunday night. Those damn New England Patriots and that Tom Brady kept me up.
Maybe, like the dogs, if I stretch a bit I'll feel better.

Then I will be able to get a leg up on any situation that might rise today. Good Monday to you.

Tongue Action

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Early Evening Walk

What a wonderful weekend weather wise. Took the dogs out and turned them loose in the new subdivision. Trying to wear them out. They go to the spa in the morning for their last shaves and haircuts. In the distance there's a Sams Club but beyond that about a mile is the building with silos and a water tower to the right. That is the old Imperial Sugar Plant that closed in recent years. Where the dogs and I were in the pic was corn fields just two years ago and before that all sugar cane. Hence the name of our fair burbia, Sugar Land.

Nothing but the dog in em, dog in em, bow wow wow, yippe yo yippe yeh. And my big ass shadow again.

Texans Win 34-21

I give up too soon and I'm easily discouraged. When Carolina Panther's Steve Smith broke from Texan's Von Hutchins
and scored in that first quarter I got nervous. When the score was 14-0 and the Texans in the Panther's home opener I thought that was it.
BOY was I wrong! Our offense stopped making so many mistakes and came back and scored 34 points which is a record score for the team! I couldn't help but feel sorry for Texan's former quarter back David Carr(aka pretty boy) who joined the Panthers after being dismissed from Houston. He didn't even play in the game today. Now a second stringer. But then I remembered all the millions he got and I felt better.

Splendid Sunday Morning

The dogs enjoyed their swim as usual. The black one slows down first but I've never stayed long enough for the golden to tire out.
There were lots of hot men today. Unfortunately, most were with their female companions.

There were dog carcasses scattered about as usual too.

Finally, there were huge scary shadows lurking about.

My Lil Mudbug

Please Don't Leave Me

The Going Price for Today That Is

Friday, September 14, 2007

After Sunset

I like to sit outside after sunset (sans mosquitoes) and enjoy a good buzz.

Friday Night and She Ain't Got Nobody

I Don't Wanna Do Nothin

The Eyes Have It

Fashion Week:Bette and Zac

Bette Midler and designer Zac Posen this week at New York's fashion week.
Who would have guessed? Bette Midler, left and daughter Sophie Von Haselberg at Posen's showing.

Oh Yes Yes Yes It's Friday!

I Prefer A Light Ride

The Three Amigos

If I Could Do This

I wouldn't even go to work today and I sure as hell would not be blogging.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Baby Really Sucks

I've had this $500 vac for less than 2 years. Within 6 months the clutch that drives the brush roller had to be replaced, albeit under warranty. Still. Now the damn thing is out again. When I took it in at the manufacturers suggested repair shop they came short of laughing at me. Looking at one another, the guys seem to be mumbling we got another one. He throws it upon on the counter and turns it over showing me the problem which is of course poor design. He tells me I have pet hair wrapped up in the clutch as he points to it. I tell him it says PET VACUUM. He replies that's because of the attachments that come with it. I begin to feel my ass sucking air as no vacuum could. The guy proceeds to show me a vacuum that they just happen to sell that is all metal and easy to disassemble for repairs. I acknowledge with glee. I'm told it takes two people to maneuver the replacement clutch in place on my vac and it won't last either. Well he was right about that anyway. I have cleaned the brush roller on this vac as I have on the Sears' canister model that I've had since I first set up housekeeping over 20 years ago. I've never had a problem after digging out strings and dust but this high dollar baby is a joke. Yes it is amazingly quiet which I loved at the onset. But if a damn "Pet" vac can't pick up pet hair without stripping gears then it SUCKS. And not in a good way.

Do You Like To Kiss?

Do You Get The Munchies?

I Want to Hold Him, Kiss Him, and Love Him

Mr. Tom Brady courtesy of Towleroad and Vman.

Boned Beach Bitch

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

The Nation's #1 National Park

According to the National Park Service the Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited park in the nation with 9,289,215 visitors annually.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI as arrives in St. Peter's Square to celebrate his weekly general audience at the Vatican.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humberto Is Coming!

At this point, he promises 10 inches. We've all heard that before. ten inches of rain that is. Where in the hell did this come from? No matter what I will not wish it on my blog buddy Brettcajun.