Friday, August 31, 2007

My Online Namesake

When I first got online about 7 or 8 years ago(yeah I know I was late)the first screen name I chose was Conrad Jarrett aka CJ. I didn't have some crush on Timothy Hutton who had played Conrad Jarrett in 1980's Ordinary People but I could relate to his character. I had/have a kind, gentle, and most patient father and my late mother could be cold and distant just as the characters Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore, respectively, portrayed in the movie. I didn't have one major incident in my life that caused so much drama as did CJ but I could relate to the same since of sadness and disjointedness as that of his character. So CJ was born.
Robert Redford directing Timothy Hutton in 1980's Ordinary People.

Hutton's mother played by MTM could be cool and distant towards him and yet noticeably more cheerful around the older son/brother as was the case with my mother.

I felt a surge of familiarity when Conrad Jarrett perks up when his mother is rather pleasant towards him in this backyard scene but then the situation turns sour.

He was in so much pain from a tragedy in his life. I just felt my life was a tragedy.rr

Timothy Hutton pictured more recently has, I suppose, aged better than I have.

TGIF and a Long Labor Day Weekend

Some of you will be traveling in style

and some of you will choose to go camping

while others will frolic on the beach. Whatever you choose? Be safe.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Fry Fish Last Night Dear?

Blue Boy

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin

Don't you feel as if time is just passing over you like water rushing over rocks in a stream? I mean my days at work can seem long and my drive home feels endless at times yet I sit here and wonder where has the summer gone? Those weekend getaways and Saturday nights entertaining have not come to fruition.

Look on the Sunny Side

Only one more day and it's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaay and a looooooooong weekend! :)

We Had a Full Moon Last Night in Texas

Do You Like The Sheen On My Floors?

I'm a Nosey Parker

I'm not the Gladys Kravitz type that watches the neighbors but when I got home early the other day and the men were still working on my driveway I found myself standing inside looking out through the shades. I justify that by saying the temps were extremely warm and why should I sweat when I was paying them to sweat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These Hogs Are Hungry For Some Louisiana Kitty

The Arkansas Razorbacks aka HOGS are hungry! They are going to smack that LA kitty and eat that LA kitty so pour all those Cajun spices on we like it HOT! Wooooo Pig Sooooie!

Best Cheerleaders!

Everyone knows when it comes to stirring up the spirit inside it's none other than the University of Arkansas at Fayettville cheerleaders. Wooooooo PIG Sooooooie!!!!


Where Are All The Beautiful People?

200 Grit

Is It My Fault?

One of my latest sensations is Dawson and these damn bareback videos? I haven't seen 50 Load Weekend from Treasure Island Video but can't help but feel responsible that it's people like me that encourage this shit. Meatpackers filmed on Fire Island is all I will ever need or want so quit Dawson.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Suede Headboard and Cornice

I made this headboard and cornice board below which are upholstered in suede, trimmed out in black and large quarter size tacks. It's nice having a padded headboard. (as if it makes any difference) Just something else to vacuum. Oh yeah, that's a childhood sled over the bed. No need for such in TX.

I Feel Like Celebrating

I was so glad to get this damn concrete poured for the driveway and back patio yesterday. It came a major downpour about 3 hours after the pour but guess that helps keep it cool and a better set up. Nevertheless, another 2 days before I can park in my garage. Another couple of nights with a chance of thunder setting off my car alarm. The neighbors LOVE me.

When He Comes Up

from behind you and wants to kiss you;like Martha says, "it's a good thing".

Brettcajuns Upcoming Weekend of Debauchery

This painting is surely an example of one of New Orleans and Brettcajuns early gatherings.

Does This Strap Make My Ass Look Big?

Less Than a Week and Tighty Whiteys Must Go

Don't be held captive by your summer whites.
No! Not even a sweater will pass, to the cedar closet it must go.

Not even on the beach, may I suggest something in black and low slung. :)

Don't even try to cover it up. If you have nothing else, then free balling it must be.

Now you've got it. You're half way there.

Now you got the right idea. Off with them guys!

My First Celebrity Crush

Timothy Bottoms! Oh man he looked so sad in everything and I just wanted to kiss him and make it better. He seemed so kind in most of the roles and naturally I thought he was. I dreamed of holding him and having sleepovers in my tree house.