Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Pit Stop


I Wear Short Shorts

Unfortunately, I don't look this good in them, at least, not anymore.  But it's the first thing I do when I get home from work is put on shorts.  It has to be damn cold for me to wear long pants around the house. My brother has ask me if I wear shorts to work.  I say no but I wear them every where else I go.

Summer Pastime

I Need A House Boy!

My Dad's Downward Turn

 As most of you know, my Dad fell last month and broke his hip.  Although he has healed nicely and is on a path of physical recovery his dementia is worse than ever.  He left the hospital after a couple of weeks and was transferred to a rehab facility.
 For some reason, I wanted to follow the transport ambulance to the rehab.  It reminded me of the time my Mother died here in Houston after open heart surgery and I followed the hearse to Arkansas for her burial.  Well, I started to follow it but I only made it as far as about Lufkin, Texas and I started asking myself what was the point?  Plus, I had to take a piss.  This was a short trip for Dad of just over three miles.
I suppose a sure sign of Dad's decline was when he fell on the back of the toilet and broke it flooding the bath and adjacent bedroom just a week before falling and breaking his hip.  His episodes of dementia has been increasing since last summer which resulted in more falls.  So Dad has another week or so in rehab and then my brother and I have to decide on a place for him to live.  Unfortunately, he can't come back and live with me.  It's just me and I would not like having live in help.  So many facilities to choose, from new and shiny to older establishments but the general consensus is is that they are all understaffed.  I want close and convenient since I know I'll be the one going to see him the most.  Think of me as I go through this laborious task.  Think of my life loving Dad as well who so much wanted to live to see his 100th birthday.

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Wailing Wall

King Solomon didn't have much to do with this water wall in Methodist Hospital here in Sugar Land but it is here where I've taken many of my meals this week.  My Father fell and broke his hip last weekend so I have been at the hospital everyday, all day every since.  What is it about falls and broken hips with the elderly?????  I can't say anything.  I have taken a tumble in the bathroom myself and wondered afterwards "how the hell did that happen"?  So the blog, the dogs, and everything else around here has been neglected and will continue to be for a while.  Patience my friends and I'll be back soon.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014